Analysis, a key factor in decision making

Carme Martinell

Reading the report “Tomorrow’s MBA” by CarringtonCrisp the academic reputation of its faculty is considered the most important factor when choosing an MBA. This means that, despite the practical guidance sought by potential MBA students, the academic base of the contents developed is a key factor. So that practice is not without theory. And the theory requires strict people. This is why the Barcelona School of Management places the importance of analytics on one of its axes. In a marketing course it is as important to explain the concept of loyalty as the techniques to measure it. Only then will future managers make decisions based on evidence and not only on intuition. In fact, a study by IBM in which 1500 CMOs were asked what is the challenge that current managers are least prepared for; the explosion of data was listed as first, ahead of social networks. The Barcelona School of Management relies on the high analytical capacity of its renowned Department of Economics and Business, to ensure that students not only learn the concepts, but also how to analyse them in the actual case of their company.

Carme Martinell

Carme Martinell

Director General of Continuing Education Institute Foundation

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