Training in the 21ST century

Carme Martinell

Management schools such as ours are working hard to meet 21st-century training needs. To achieve this, it is necessary to work on incorporating new processes in our own business of education. We must also incorporate technologies and formats that other sectors already see as a natural part of what they do.

We also need to incorporate new competencies, disciplines and knowledge areas that the current revolution is bringing about in our academic content. By this I mean knowledge of blockchain and the Internet of Things, for example. It is also necessary to incorporate new formulas for knowledge creation, based on co-creation, combining content from inside and outside, and active participation by the student in producing it.

As a result of all this, we need passion, openness to change and the capacity to undertake risks. I believe that at BSM we have found a good balance between the three factors, while not jeopardising the essence of what we are, a management school, or where we come from, a university—UPF—that stands out for its rigorous scholarship.

Carme Martinell

Carme Martinell

Director General of the BSM

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