Recipe for ethical decisions

Carme Martinell

Last 18th May we held the 20th anniversary celebration of the Executive MBA course run by UPF Barcelona School of Management. The event brought together alumni from all year past groups, right back to the first edition. Now embarking on the final stages of their careers, the original class (who, by the way, took the prize for the most widely attended group on the day), shared their broad experience with the School’s current MBA students, who look on them as role models. Attendance at the hall was full to capacity and the attendees not only got to enjoy the reunion with their fellow alumni, but were also treated to an inspiring speech about innovation by Xavier Verdaguer and a series of dialogues by course lecturers and MBA alumni which, in a humorous tone, brought us up to date on current affairs.

Out of all the discussions held, I would like to highlight a thought voiced by esteemed professor Oriol Amat on ethical decisions in the workplace. Summing up, he hit the nail on the head: there are four criteria we need to guide us in these situations: Firstly, consider whether our gut reaction to the proposal is good, meaning do we feel comfortable with it. Secondly, ensure that what we want to do is legal. Thirdly, ask if it is in line with the company’s values. And, lastly, if we would like the news to come out on social networks.

A good recipe for everyday situations that can apply to any one of us, from any generation, and from any professional area.

Carme Martinell

Carme Martinell

Director General of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

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