Carme Martinell

When you launch a crowdfunding initiative for a sensible project you may have the feeling that you are asking the wrong people for help. My recent experience has led me to understand how crowdfunding is a natural, positive system from which we can learn a lot. Because crowdfunding means:

  • An act of generosity for those who give and an act of humility for those who ask
  • An ongoing dynamic form of support: today I give and tomorrow you give
  • Awareness that if you have received something, perhaps you have a commitment to give something back when what you have received bears fruit
  • A commitment to quality and improving the project people help you with
  • Discovering that you are always accompanied

The American system is very familiar with this concept, which is why their universities and business schools are largely financed by the contributions of those who have passed through the institution and now want to return what they received, so that these institutions can continue to develop and generate a positive impact on their students. This is fundraising. It is clear that this system implies joint responsibility for the transparent use and management of these resources, as well as a commitment by the institution for it to be a constant incentive to do things better.

Carme Martinell

Carme Martinell

Director General of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

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