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Christopher Tulloch

Elections in a time of increasing EuroscepticismChristopher Tulloch

Codirector of Journalism Specializing in International Politics programmes, UPF-IDEC

One of the most interesting factors for analysis during the European elections of 25 May will be the translation –or not– of booming Euroscepticism affecting the polls. However, this lack [...]

Alejandro Saiz Arnaiz

Unity in DiversityAlejandro Saiz Arnaiz

Professor of European Constitutional Law, UPF-IDEC

To avoid a new war that would devastate Europe. This was the ultimate aim of the European leaders who came up with the idea of supranational integration following two world [...]

Mercè Roca

Europe at a crossroadsMercè Roca

Director of Master of Science in International Business, UPF Barcelona School of Management Academic coordinator of ESCI-UPF

With the eruption of the financial crisis the European integration project has been called into question. Founding members of the Union have taken up Eurosceptic positions, and adopted protectionist measures [...]

Carles Murillo

Sport and EuropeansCarles Murillo

Director of director of Sports Management programs, UPF Barcelona School of Management

From its beginning, the process of European construction has involved the productive, financial and social activities of the populations of Europe. From an institutional perspective, efforts have focused on creating [...]

Lena Raps

Reshoring of businesses and the effect on job creation in the European UnionLena Raps

Talent Scholarship-holder, Master of Science in International Business, UPF Barcelona School of Management

As nearly graduates, we all come across this topic at one point or another – the difficult job situation in Europe. The unemployment rate in Spain of 25,6 % in [...]