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Joan-Francesc Cànovas

Together or separately?Joan-Francesc Cànovas

Professor of business communication and Communication Direction and Digital Journalism, IDEC-UPF

According to the most recent published data, there are more than 2,400 million Internet users worldwide, 2,200 million email accounts, over 1,000 million Youtube or Facebook users, almost 700 million [...]

Jordi López Mercadé

Is a Collaborative Approach the Key to Withstanding the Economic Crisis?Jordi López Mercadé

Director of Coaching Programmes, Barcelona School of Management

What does collaborating or cooperating together mean? The term “dependence” implies the subordination or subjection of one person or thing to another; in other words, to depend on someone or [...]

Xavier Puig

In what way are the railway, Terra and online education alike?Xavier Puig

Director of Banking and Finance programmes, Barcelona School of Management

The world’s first stock market index, created in 1884 by Charles Dow and Edward Jones, founders of the Wall Street Journal, consisted of eleven shares, of which nine were in [...]

Silvia Becerra

Internet, a complement to my educationSilvia Becerra

Talent Scholarship-holder, Master in Sports Management and Direction 2013, Barcelona School of Management

No one doubts that the internet and the other “virtual” social networks occupy an important space in our daily life. It is easy to see that they are almost indispensable [...]