07 Digital Age

The so-called “digital revolution” is different from those that have come before, as it has transformed not only our systems of communication, but also our very lives. We are living in the digital age, which has changed the ways in which knowledge is created, transferred and utilised. This has brought us a range of benefits, such as communication in real time and easy access to information. However, it also has a “dark side”, such as increased isolation, the diminishing of interpersonal relationships and the rise of digital fraud and piracy. In turn, this has raised a number of questions, such as: How have these changes affected society? Do companies benefit from using ICT? Is having access to information whenever and wherever we want it a positive development? [...]

The voices

The voice of an expert in crisis communication and spokesperson training

Joan Francesc Cánovas

Long live the revolution!Joan Francesc Cánovas

Director of the Master en Communications Management, UPF-IDEC

Those of us who work in communications and journalism are well aware that the changes taking place in recent years in our environment are revolutionary. Never before have so many [...]

The voice of an expert in corporate finance

Albert Banal

New technologies, the collaborative economy and regulationAlbert Banal

Director of the Master of Science in Corporate Finance and Banking, UPF Barcelona School of Management

The generalisation of Internet access through mobile devices has prompted the rise of many “collaborative economy platforms”. Airbnb, which offers users the possibility of renting rooms in private homes for [...]

The voice of an expert in innovation

Joan Ras et al.

Challenge Garage: Solving real challenges in collaborationJoan Ras et al.

Teacher of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, UPF. Parthner and CEO, Induct

The society of the future will be based around talent. A society that is more competitive, more liquid, but which also offers more opportunities and flexibility to discover uncertain routes [...]

The voice of an academic director of Financial Markets

Xavier Brun

The technological revolution has come to banking to stayXavier Brun

Director of the Master’s Course in Financial Markets, UPF Barcelona School of Management

The readers with most years behind them will recall what the banks used to be like – those places where people queued up to take out money, pay bills, open [...]

The voice of an expert in communication

Mònika Jiménez

Strategic communication in enlarged formatMònika Jiménez

Director of the Master’s Course in Protocol and Public Relations, UPF-IDEC

At the end of the 19th century, a press agent named Ivy Lee organised a journey from New York to San Francisco in order for a group of journalists and [...]

The voice of an expert in usability (UX)

Mari-Carmen Marcos

Creating online experiencesMari-Carmen Marcos

Director of the Online Master’s Course University in UX: in Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience, UPF-IDEC

The experts in marketing have succeeded in reflecting in their campaigns and slogans what people want: to love “experiences.” Who has not bought or received as a gift an “experience [...]

The voice of the academic director of the Continuing Education Institute Private Foundation

Daniel Serra de la Figuera

New Technologies: Impacting and Transforming Higher EducationDaniel Serra de la Figuera

Dean, Barcelona School of Management

The digital world, along with new information and communication technologies, is radically transforming the world we live in. It is clear that institutions of higher education have to transform themselves [...]