14 Globalization

Globalization, understood as a process of increasing integration on a worldwide scale, constitutes one of the most significant phenomena of recent decades, as well as the most capable of transforming the world around us. This integration process has made national borders disappear more and more, on all levels: economic, social, politician, cultural, in the field of information and knowledge, environmental…

The impact of globalization has spread even further with the so-called fourth industrial revolution. Technological innovation and its effects will determine our near future on a global level. The skills and education necessary for us to be able to respond in an innovative and sustainable way to the challenges presented by this global world are also transforming.

At the beginning of the 19th century, during the industrial revolution, the increased u [...]

The voices

The voice of an economist

Oscar Elvira

The changes and globalization of the digital economyOscar Elvira

Director of the Master in Banking and Finance, UPF Barcelona School of Management

An economy based in digital technology, where the Internet has changed the way in which business is conducted, is known as a ‘Digital’ Economy. In this new economy, digital networks [...]

The Voice of an International Event Organizer

Frédéric Palazy

Challenges of the Fourth Industrial RevolutionFrédéric Palazy

International Event Management Consultant

We stand at the forefront of a technological revolution that will increasingly affect every aspect of our existence in the years to come. Our professional lives will be impacted by [...]

The voice of a tax expert

Albert Sagués

The challenges in the face of globalizationAlbert Sagués

Teacher of the Tax System Programmes, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Nobody living in today’s society can ignore the fact that we live in a globalized world. There are, of course, those Amazon tribes who live completely cut off from what [...]

The voice of an expert in Human Talent

Mercè Martin

The Chinese Dream. Opportunity or Challenge?Mercè Martin

Professor in Development and Talent at the UPF Barcelona School of Management

The first time that I stepped foot in China was in 2008. I was on an exploratory voyage of Tibet and Nepal. After being amazed by the view of the [...]

The voice of the Vice dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

Carolina Luis

Education: the challenge of constant changeCarolina Luis

Vice dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

Every passing day, we hear and read about the vertiginous changes that organizations are facing as a result of the so-called fourth industrial revolution. Technology is quickly taking over areas [...]

The voice of a former student of the Executive MBA

Elena Antonijuan

Deus ex Machina: the new technological realityElena Antonijuan

Manager International Institutional Promotion Area at ACCIÓ

A few days ago, an article was published in The Economist stating that half of all jobs were vulnerable to automation. This news in itself is unsettling, to say the [...]

The voice of an expert in Human Resources

Mariano de las Heras

Internationalization of hrMariano de las Heras

Professor at Master in Human Resources Management

Globalization has transformed the business world, causing an increased number of Business opportunities. Organizations should not let these opportunities go to waste; rather, they should determine the strategies necessary to [...]

The voice of a professor of digital marketing

Albert Garcia Pujades

Professionals without an expiration dateAlbert Garcia Pujades

Professor of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Uncertainty about job loss due to technology grows every day. However, no matter how much we speculate in this regard, there is currently no certainty of how many jobs will [...]