02 The Co-World

Ever since the invention of the Internet we have been living in a state of constant change; in how we communicate, in how we relate to other people, and even in how we work. New technologies have favoured collaborative projects: Wikipedia, open-source communities, blogs, social networks, etc. The application of all these tools to world of work and business offers infinite opportunities. Collaboration has become a competitive advantage in many areas: between company and businesses, between company and supplier, between company and university, and even between company and competitors. As a result, society and the world are moving towards a more Co universe; cooperative, collaborative, cocreative. It’s about challenging and coordinating effort, promoting creativity and the generation of ideas, optimising resources and fostering innovation. [...]

The voices

The voice of an academic director of Digital Comunication

Cristòfol Rovira

Give a fish, teach to fish, or teach how to teach to fish?Cristòfol Rovira

Head of the Masters in Digital Documentation and Search Engines IDEC-UPF

There is a well-known Chinese proverb that says: “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for [...]

The voice of an academic director of Business Comunication

Joan-Francesc Cànovas

Together or separately?Joan-Francesc Cànovas

Professor of business communication and Communication Direction and Digital Journalism, IDEC-UPF

According to the most recent published data, there are more than 2,400 million Internet users worldwide, 2,200 million email accounts, over 1,000 million Youtube or Facebook users, almost 700 million [...]

The voice of an academic director in Personal and Executive Coaching

Jordi López Mercadé

Is a Collaborative Approach the Key to Withstanding the Economic Crisis?Jordi López Mercadé

Director of Coaching Programmes, Barcelona School of Management

What does collaborating or cooperating together mean? The term “dependence” implies the subordination or subjection of one person or thing to another; in other words, to depend on someone or [...]

The voice of an professor of Economy, Financial and Business

Ramon Bastida

Cooperatives: a business model for the present and the futureRamon Bastida

Professor of the Barcelona School of Management and member of the Roca i Galès Foundation

In Catalonia there are currently 4,130 cooperatives, with 15% of the population linked to one of these companies: 38,000 direct jobs, 42,000 members of service cooperatives, 100,000 farmers linked to [...]

The voice of the President of an innovation services company

Alfons Cornella

The future is co-Alfons Cornella

Founder, Infonomia & co-Society

The future of business is collaboration. The future of capitalism is co-capitalism. The problem is that we don’t know what we really mean when we speak of co-business, and we just don’t [...]

The voice of a ex-student, Barcelona School of Management

Filippo Montesi

Towards a New “Co-World”?Filippo Montesi

Talent Scholarship-holder, Master of Science in International Business, Barcelona School of Management

The prefix “co-” has become a very trendy expression, widely used the fields of technology and innovation and gradually becoming adopted by the world of business and organisations. At present, [...]