08 Management

The word “management” is difficult to translate into other languages. Its meaning is ambiguous even in the Anglo-Saxon world, where it has its origins. The term is often used, in a broad sense, as a synonym for “administration”. Traditionally, management has consisted in defining the objectives of a company or institution and the lines of action to follow, in organizing and motivating human resources with the aim of using all material resources available to achieve the desired objectives. At UPF Barcelona School of Management we understand management as being an essential resource in the development of any profession, not uniquely associated with the business world or leadership roles. This broader and more inclusive perspective helps us forge closer ties with many types of industries and professions, and has prompted us to make “management” the subject of our Quorum monograph. [...]

The voices

The voice of a Doctor of Business Management and Administration

Jordi de Falguera

Companies need leadersJordi de Falguera

Executive MBA Director, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Businesses today state that their main concern is to have good leaders, able to manage in situations where the environment changes very quickly. In order to survive, companies need to [...]

The voice of an academic director of International Business programmes

Mercè Roca

Diversity in the WorkplaceMercè Roca

Director of MSc in International Business, UPF Barcelona School of Management Academic coordinator of ESCI-UPF

In today’s globalized, fast-changing world, effective teams are the key to a successful business. For this reason, professionals who have the ability to work as part of a team are [...]

The voice of an expert in Human Resources

Javier Wilhelm Wainsztein

The opportunity for mediationJavier Wilhelm Wainsztein

Co-director of the Master in Professional Mediation, UPF-IDEC

Any space where people live is a place where disputes occur which can hinder relations: whether they are in a family, an organization, a neighbourhood or a school. Mediation offers [...]

The voice of an expert in big data

Carles Martín

The management of Big Data: a new strategic challengeCarles Martín

Head of the MSc in ICT Strategic Management, UPF Barcelona School of Management

If from the existence of computers, we create a brief history, we see that data collection was originally a matter of company workers. These data, in all honesty, were few [...]

The view of an expert in political communication

Toni Aira

We cannot not communicateToni Aira

Co-director of the Master in Political and Institutional Communication, UPF-IDEC

In 1980, political scientist Sidney Blumenthal coined a concept that is still with us because it makes perfect sense. He began with another term that had crystallized in a different [...]

The voice of a writer

Jorge Carrión

Challenges for the writer in the 21st centuryJorge Carrión

Head of the Master in Literary Creation, UPF-IDEC

A writer should devote most of their time to reading and writing. Only by systematically reading and constantly writing can a writer find their voice, to shape their world, to [...]

The voice of an expert in health economy

Jaume Puig-Junoy

Evaluation to give value to public health careJaume Puig-Junoy

Head of the Master in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics

Achieve improvements in the relationship between the quantity and quality of life gained and the resources used to obtain such gains requires appropriate health policies, but above all it is [...]