12 Teaching creativity

Design thinking, the Dalí technique, innovation Hackathons, creative workshops, STEAM methodology (combining art and science)… every day we hear about new methods and techniques to develop creativity and to help to provide original solutions to the different challenges and problems that arise in our changing society. [...]

The voices

The voice of a company (Fundació per a la Creativació)

Miquel Àngel Oliva i Sans

Education in Creativació®, an essential tool for an exponential worldMiquel Àngel Oliva i Sans

Managing Director of the Foundation for Creativació®

In a recent publication on “The future of employment”, the World Economic Forum (WEF) affirmed that many of today’s jobs will become obsolete in the coming years due to technological [...]

The voice of Innovation and Communication expert

Xavier Marcet

Innovation is in the perspectiveXavier Marcet

Professor of the Master's in Communication Management

Some think that innovation is in technology. That is not true. Innovation is in the perspective. It lies in exploring, thinking of and implementing solutions that are born out of [...]

The voice of the dean of the UPF Barcelona Schoo of Management

Daniel Serra

On Creativity and metaheuristic techniqueDaniel Serra

Dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

The world of logistics and transportation can sound very arid in terms of creativity when it comes to solving problems and offering solutions. Images comes to mind of trucks full [...]

The voice of Digital Marketing expert

Josep-Maria Fàbregas

It’s time for the brave… or time to say goodbyeJosep-Maria Fàbregas

Director of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing

When we relate the words ‘creativity’ and ‘marketing’, another word often comes to mind: ‘advertising’. That’s true, but it isn’t the whole truth. Of course, advertising requires high levels of [...]

The voice of Economy and Financial expert

Oriol Amat

Creativity: key to business successOriol Amat

Professor of Economy and Financial Programmes, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Successful companies are those that achieve their goals, which are usually to grow and create value for their interested parties (partners, employees, society, etc.). When we study the distinguishing characteristics [...]

The voice of a writer

Jorge Carrión

Creativity and creationJorge Carrión

Head of the Master in Literary Creation

Creativity is a capacity that lies in all of us. We often express it through the term “idea”. Ideas appear above all when we drift around the physical or virtual [...]

The voice of expert in Trends

Mònica Carbonell

Creativity, brands and creative capitalMònica Carbonell

Academic coordinator of the Master's in Strategy and Creative Brand Management

According to science, creativity is an innate ability in all human beings. We are born with it. It has to do with our ability to offer solutions to problems, to [...]