09 Personalising

All changes bring opportunities with them. In recent times we have experienced change at an accelerated pace: the data explosion, digital space, social networks, the multiplication of what is on offer, changes in systems of production and marketing and even in patterns of consumption and relations between people. The development of new information technologies has created an interconnected world where a huge amount of information is available. The information overload affects people’s ability to make decisions, as we receive more data than we are able to process. Consequently, personalisation is becoming a basic factor in connecting with people. Personalisation is affecting products and content, experiences and processes, politics, finance, health, education and many other fields and seems to be gaining ground in every sector.

In this new edition of Quorum, we want to deal with this tendency to personalisation through the opinions of academic experts in different fields of knowledge. We hope you enjoy it and invite you to participate and share your opinions.

The voices

The voice of a professor in corporate finance

Albert Banal

From Big Data in banking to personalizing serviceAlbert Banal

Director of the Master of Science in Corporate Finance and Banking, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Opinion by Albert Banal-Estañol, tenured lecturer at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and academic director of the MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking at the UPF Barcelona School of Management In [...]

The voice of a professor of journalism and communication

Carles Pont

Celebrities or politicians?Carles Pont

Director of the Masters in Journalism and Communication, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Personification exists in all areas of life, but in politics and communication this dimension has enormous importance. When we talk about politics, people relate it to a type of leadership [...]

The voice of a professor of digital communication

Cristina Ribas

Do you know your customers?Cristina Ribas

Director of the Master in Digital Companies, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Until recently organizations have related to their customers, or potential customers, only by indirect methods, such as market research, focus group surveys, website traffic and Google searches. The reliability of [...]

The voice of a company (Caixabank)

David Urbano

imaginBank: reinventing banking to serve the millennial generationDavid Urbano

Director of the project ImaginBank from CaixaBank

Some young people think they don’t need a bank: they don’t like going to branches. They also think that if they need something, they don’t have to go anywhere to [...]

The voice of a professor of Human Resources

Yolanda Portolés

The personalization of HR in managing the changeYolanda Portolés

Professor of the Master in Human Resources Management, UPF Barcelona School of Management

The economic process of recent years has demonstrated that single, standardized solutions are no longer valid for the smooth operation of most businesses. Most organizations require a general change of [...]

The voice of a professor of digital marketing

Albert Garcia Pujades

Personalized marketing: myths and realitiesAlbert Garcia Pujades

Professor of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing, UPF Barcelona School of Management

What stands out in marketing is your abilty to create new concepts, practices and techniques. Your ability is infinite. Some of those concepts and techniques are basic; they form part [...]

The voice of a professor of documentaries

Jordi Balló

The unique spectatorJordi Balló

Director of the Master in Making Documentaries, UPF Barcelona School of Management

We can find two fundamentally different approaches to the cinema by its inventors: while the Lumière brothers imagined some kind of collective projection, Thomas Alva Edison envisaged individual showings with [...]

The voice of the dean of the UPF Barcelona Schoo of Management

Daniel Serra

The student at the center of educational innovationDaniel Serra

Dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

Today the University faces big challenges if it is to be socially useful and relevant to people, businesses and society. In the digital age, the responsibilities demanded of it have [...]