Quorum is the monograph series of the BSM-Pompeu Fabra University.

Quorum is a declaration for diversity, for discussion and exploration of a wide range of issues within a multidisciplinary context. Quorum, a Latin word that literally means “of whom”, is a community governed by the whole. The whole of different voices, of different visions, of different agreements. Quorum means the minimum number of members who must be present at a meeting or assembly for an agreement to be valid. Originally, for the British tribunal Justices of the Quorum, it represented: “of whom we want that you be one”, and we wished to reclaim this declaration to serve the purpose of this monographic space: a space dedicated to all voices, to everyone; a space to deliberate and discuss; a space where diversity revolves around the same theme. A fundamental theme. A theme, in different ways, related to everyone.