11 Multidisciplinary talent

The UPF Barcelona School of Management is one of the main collaborators for the international tour of David Bowie is, the major exhibition on David Bowie and his work appearing at the Design Museum of Barcelona.

A true icon of pop, David Bowie was a multi-disciplinary musician and artist who was passionate about literature and fashion, as well as an actor, the subject of documentary films, and a cultural reference point for multiple generations. His image in itself represents taking on challenges, constant questioning of the status quo, experimentation, freedom of expression in its broadest and most cross-cutting sense, creativity, and reaction to change. These are values that the UPF Barcelona School of Management consider our own, and we work hard to transmit them to our students. [...]

The voices

The voice of an academic director of Financial Markets

Xavier Brun

What is the common point of connection between David Bowie, knives, and junk mortgages? It is their ability to innovateXavier Brun

Director of the Master’s Course in Financial Markets, UPF Barcelona School of Management

According to the dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy of Language, to innovate means to change or alter something, introducing novel aspects. This is a term fully applicable to David [...]

The voice of an expert of literature

Rodrigo Fresán

Modern loves and sordid detailsRodrigo Fresán

Writter and professor of the Master in Literary Creation

It is a bit disturbing and incomprehensible to consider the fact that, among the many rockers who for a while now have been trying their rather variable luck at writing [...]

The voice of an expert of fashion

Pepa Bueno

David Bowie, or When You Just Don’t Care About FashionPepa Bueno

Professor of the Postgraduate Course in Fashion Media and Journalism 3.0

Although it might seem otherwise, David Bowie was never interested in fashion. But does this matter when the time comes to analyze the work of someone considered to be one [...]

The voice of an expert of branding

Oriol Costa

Call Me BowieOriol Costa

Professor of the Master in Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Management

In 1965 the musician David Robert Jones decided to call himself David Bowie. But although that’s how the story goes, that name change was not so simple.  In reality, although [...]

The voice of an expert of culture

Luis Hidalgo

An artist in motionLuis Hidalgo

Professor of the Master in Cultural Journalism

It’s impossible to take a snapshot. Or in other words, as a moment frozen in time, a snapshot would be the worst way to capture David Bowie. Pop is movement, [...]

The voice of an expert of musical business

David Loscos

The Man Who Imagined the Music BusinessDavid Loscos

Director of the Postgraduate Course in Global Music Business Management

This summer it will have been 30 years since David Bowie arrived in Barcelona with his spectacular “Glass Spider Tour”. Viewed in retrospect, it was a tour that would fuel [...]

The voice of the dean of the UPF Barcelona Schoo of Management

Daniel Serra

Culture TransformsDaniel Serra

Dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

The UPF Barcelona School of Management, which is the graduate school of Pompeu Fabra University, has come together with the international touring exhibition entitled David Bowie is by means of [...]

The voice of an expert of cinema

Andrés Hispano

Images for sound, sounds for a portraitAndrés Hispano

Professor of the Master in Creative Documentary

During the last few years there has been a proliferation of exhibitions focused on popular music: jazz, rock, and pop. It is easy enough to put objects on display from [...]