02 The Co-World



Ever since the invention of the Internet we have been living in a state of constant change; in how we communicate, in how we relate to other people, and even in how we work. New technologies have favoured collaborative projects: Wikipedia, open-source communities, blogs, social networks, etc. The application of all these tools to world of work and business offers infinite opportunities. Collaboration has become a competitive advantage in many areas: between company and businesses, between company and supplier, between company and university, and even between company and competitors. As a result, society and the world are moving towards a more Co universe; cooperative, collaborative, cocreative. It’s about challenging and coordinating effort, promoting creativity and the generation of ideas, optimising resources and fostering innovation.

In this, our second edition of Quorum, we offer you the reflections of experts who, in a collaborative manner, give us their own particular views on the Co-world; and in turn collaborate with each other to construct a more global and multidisciplinary vision of the subject. We hope you enjoy the issue, and invite you to collaborate and share your own opinions.

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