08 Management



The word “management” is difficult to translate into other languages. Its meaning is ambiguous even in the Anglo-Saxon world, where it has its origins. The term is often used, in a broad sense, as a synonym for “administration”. Traditionally, management has consisted in defining the objectives of a company or institution and the lines of action to follow, in organizing and motivating human resources with the aim of using all material resources available to achieve the desired objectives. At UPF Barcelona School of Management we understand management as being an essential resource in the development of any profession, not uniquely associated with the business world or leadership roles. This broader and more inclusive perspective helps us forge closer ties with many types of industries and professions, and has prompted us to make “management” the subject of our Quorum monograph.

In this eighth number, various experts from our institution will respond to questions such as “Can a writer be the producer of their writing?”; “How have management methods changed as a result of data analysis?”; “How should the leaders be who will implement new management?”; Or “What is the application of economics to phenomena and problems associated with health?”. The opinions of our students complement the diverse, multidisciplinary perspectives of the other contributors. The team at Quorum invite you to read our publication and share your views with us.

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