09 Personalising


Personalising, the great opportunity

All changes bring opportunities with them. In recent times we have experienced change at an accelerated pace: the data explosion, digital space, social networks, the multiplication of what is on offer, changes in systems of production and marketing and even in patterns of consumption and relations between people. The development of new information technologies has created an interconnected world where a huge amount of information is available. The information overload affects people’s ability to make decisions, as we receive more data than we are able to process. Consequently, personalisation is becoming a basic factor in connecting with people. Personalisation is affecting products and content, experiences and processes, politics, finance, health, education and many other fields and seems to be gaining ground in every sector.

In this new edition of Quorum, we want to deal with this tendency to personalisation through the opinions of academic experts in different fields of knowledge. We hope you enjoy it and invite you to participate and share your opinions.

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