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Roc Parés

Digital Arts: R&D&I in the Creative IndustriesRoc Parés

Co-Head of the University Master in Digital Arts, UPF-IDEC

In today’s world, beyond the divisions between scientific, technical, humanist and artistic knowledge, creativity has become a value in and of itself. Human knowledge has increased and become interconnected through [...]

Antonio Ladrón de Guevara

Creativity, innovation and market valueAntonio Ladrón de Guevara

Head of the Master in Direct and Digital Marketing, UPF Barcelona School of Management

Creativity, traditionally associated with culture and the arts, is also a source of innovation that allows companies to adapt, in a sustainable way, to an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment. [...]

Maria Galli

The role of restriction in the creative process: We can all be creativeMaria Galli

Head of the Master of Science in Management (Marketing), UPF Barcelona School of Management

The importance of creativity for business success is now widely recognised. To keep ahead of the pack a company needs to be creative both in its products and/or services and [...]