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Christopher Tulloch

Elections in a time of increasing EuroscepticismChristopher Tulloch

Codirector of Journalism Specializing in International Politics programmes, UPF-IDEC

One of the most interesting factors for analysis during the European elections of 25 May will be the translation –or not– of booming Euroscepticism affecting the polls. However, this lack [...]

Alejandro Saiz Arnaiz

Unity in DiversityAlejandro Saiz Arnaiz

Professor of European Constitutional Law, UPF-IDEC

To avoid a new war that would devastate Europe. This was the ultimate aim of the European leaders who came up with the idea of supranational integration following two world [...]

Lena Raps

Reshoring of businesses and the effect on job creation in the European UnionLena Raps

Talent Scholarship-holder, Master of Science in International Business, UPF Barcelona School of Management

As nearly graduates, we all come across this topic at one point or another – the difficult job situation in Europe. The unemployment rate in Spain of 25,6 % in [...]

Jaume Puig-Junoy

Putting affairs in order to give value to Public HealthcareJaume Puig-Junoy

Director of Health Economics programmes, Barcelona School of Management

Despite the still relatively robust condition of public health care in Spain, provided that the axe of budgetary cutbacks does not ultimately destabilise it in the short term, the medium-term [...]

Oriol Amat

Is the current welfare state sustainable?Oriol Amat

Professor of Economy and Financial Programmes, Barcelona School of Management

The welfare state essentially comprises such provisions as pensions, unemployment benefit and services including healthcare, education, care for dependent people and other social services. There is a broad consensus that [...]

Vicenç Navarro

In Defence of the Welfare StateVicenç Navarro

Professor of Public Policy, IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University

One of the great victories of progressive forces in the Western world has been the establishment of the Welfare State, which includes those public transfers (such as, for example, retirement [...]

Javier Aparicio Maydeu

What place does culture hold in a welfare society?Javier Aparicio Maydeu

Director of Publishing programmes at IDEC-UPF

Many may feel, and not without reason, that it should supplement the creation of citizenship, contribute to our emotional balance, distract us from the stress caused by our work, increase [...]

Antoni Duran-Sindreu Buxadé

Taxes and public SpendingAntoni Duran-Sindreu Buxadé

Director of Tax System Programmes, Barcelona School of Management

Taxes, as the Constitution states, are the technical instrument necessary to cover public spending. The main action undertaken by the Government therefore has to be focused on spending, or even [...]