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Unlearn, explore, experiment and resist!

Manel Guerris

Continuing to train yourself, wanting to adapt to change and wishing to transform yourself into someone better is not an easy decision. It takes time and reflection. It entails thorough research into different universities and educational program, with lots of information, conversations with former students, and interviews with the directors of the different programs that you are about to begin.  And of course, the process of choosing programs according to what companies demand as well as your own personal objectives.

Congratulations! This proves that you have high analytical abilities, that you are critical when distinguishing between management schools and programs, and that you are men and women of action. And what’s more, you have the desire and motivation to learn and improve yourselves constantly. Double congratulations! We want professionals like you, with these valuable and wonderful characteristics. We want you so that we can get the most out of each of you! And out of ourselves as teachers and professionals! You have a golden opportunity here.

Nevertheless, let me give you some advice for getting the most out of your courses. Unlearn! Forget what you have learned before, make your mind a blank slate, ready to take in new content and experience at the forefront of management. Be curious! Poke your noses into everything around you, within your programs and outside of them, whether it’s related to what you are doing or not. This will help you to develop abilities and capacities that you probably don’t know you have. Explore! Without your professors telling you what to do, do it, go out of the lecture halls and observe. We are just catalysts and inspirers in your training. Be creative! Now is a good time to let your imagination fly. Experience! You will have a controlled environment at your disposal, where you can try things that you have never been able to try in companies, without the fear of failure. Resist! Be strong, endure the hard times and the tough times, and if you fall, pick yourselves up and carry on learning once more. Push yourselves! Lead your ideas and take them to action, without fear of what they’ll say, that way you’ll know whether you’re a natural leader. And above all, revolutionize! Constantly question the status quo and know-how, being critical and constructive as you do so.

And no, I’m not talking about being superhuman. In fact, be children again! Have you ever noticed the questions that small kids ask their parents? For example, questions like “why are there no stars in the daytime?”, “why is water wet?”, or “why is the sea blue?”. We learn a lot more as children than as adults. Children are curious, they’re explorers, experimenting all the time, they don’t have any prejudices, they question everything and they’re resilient, because when something doesn’t go right, they try again and try again until it does. Therefore, bring out the child in you and I can assure you that then it will be a transformational experience, both for you and your fellow students.  Or do children not transform themselves, their friends, their teachers and their families?

Here in the BSM, we’re going to ask you to do this. To go beyond what teachers and professionals explain to you. The knowledge that you will acquire has to be just the basis, so that you develop far beyond even your own initial motivations and objectives. You can do it! Be ambitious! We will provide you with an ecosystem so that you can develop it – so that you can develop it to the maximum. Although we will ask you to be digital Renaissance men and women, and we will help you with the BSM’s DNA.

First of all, scientific rigor in your proposals, analyses and developments, supported by evidence-based management, which will lead you to better decision making through using data, both from organizations and the environment around you, taking into account big data, understanding it, discovering its different applications and knowing how to implement it.

Secondly, communicating and transmitting your ideas in a motivational, fun and transformational way, supported by storytelling, applying audiovisual narrative mechanisms to communicate with an impact. Who doesn’t like to hear fantastic stories about good guys and bad guys? Or of princes and princesses? Or are successful movies like Pretty Woman or The Titanic created by accident?

And finally, without forgetting that we are human beings and that organisations are moved by people, and not by machines or websites, supported by ethics and sustainability; that, in a world that is increasingly interconnected and global, what happens in one place affects us, and vice versa. Or is it the case that, at this point in the movie, we don’t know that basic world resources like food and water are limited? Or that this planetary globe can’t support the unrestrained consumerist growth of mankind?

All of these distinguishing skills and knowledge in the BSM, evidence-based management, storytelling and ethics and sustainability, constitute something unique in our school, which will allow you to be transformers of reality and transcendent in society. Make the most if it and be passionate!

And daydream. And wake from your dream because this journey of yours has just begun; a journey to enjoy, to be passionate about, and, above all, to have fun and be happy. Welcome to the BSM! Thank you.

Manel Guerris

Manel Guerris

Industrial engineer and expert in Business Analytics. He teaches Evidence-based Big Data and Management at the UPF Barcelona School of Management

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