12 Teaching creativity



Design thinking, the Dalí technique, innovation Hackathons, creative workshops, STEAM methodology (combining art and science)… every day we hear about new methods and techniques to develop creativity and to help to provide original solutions to the different challenges and problems that arise in our changing society.

For decades, the teaching of creativity was limited to artistic professions. However, in today’s increasingly evolved society, creativity is more important than ever and cuts across all disciplines because it helps us to come up with useful responses to the constant changes around us.

The concept of creativity is associated with novelty, innovation, originality and the ability to see reality with an open mind and generate new ideas, concepts or theories without fear of failure. Indeed, mistakes are related to creativity. It fosters surprise, curiosity and the possibility of a new path.

In the professional world, creativity is an added value for all profiles and disciplines. In this Quorum, our lecturers and academic experts will discuss the need to encourage creativity as a key element for transforming oneself and transforming the world around us.

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