Visionaries have few friends

Carme Martinell

Reimund Fickert takes his time while he talks but each sentence is as important as the last. In his eleven years as Project Director at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park, and having almost certainly been somewhat influenced by the tireless Jordi Camí as director, he has learnt that visionaries have few friends. When too many people like a project, it means that it’s not innovative enough. But when it creates suspicions, doubts, opposition… that makes it more of a breakthrough and worth considering.

Because when novelties are too radical, they take us out of our comfort zone. We prefer progressive changes.

However, in time, these adversaries will almost certainly turn into your best companions on the same projects which some time back, they hadn’t liked.

Carme Martinell

Carme Martinell

Director General of Continuing Education Institute Foundation

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