What if we pay attention to unstructured processes?

Carme Martinell

The obsession with optimising production processes or logistics is a common trait found in many managing directors, and even more so nowadays. Tweaking every part of the chain in order to save a few cents on each unit is the objective of many companies’ CEOs. Nobody doubts the value of doing so, and it is undeniably an extremely important measure. However, we could also identify other processes that are equally as vital, if not more so, and which offer just as many opportunities for optimisation, if not more. These processes are often overlooked as potential candidates for making savings and increasing quality. We are referring to processes such as communication (whether internal or with clients or suppliers), document management, information sharing, etc. We do not devote as much attention to these processes because they are harder to pin down on paper and present in the form of a workflow. They are known as unstructured processes.

Perhaps we should stop and think about how the productivity of our employees could increase if they had easy access to the company’s information, or if they knew whether or not a colleague was available before calling them, or if we make it so that, by default, meetings can be attended virtually or in person.

Sound market solutions are starting to become available for all these ideas. All that is needed is for managing directors to prioritise those areas that are usually overlooked because they are less tangible than structured processes.

Carme Martinell

Carme Martinell

Director General of Continuing Education Institute Foundation

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