Sapere aude

Carme Martinell

Sapere aude is a Latin expression that can be interpreted as “to have the courage to use your ability to think” or “to dare to think”. Kant used this phrase in his essay about the Enlightenment, and its resultant dissemination means that many universities now use it as a motto.

Sapere aude is what we must be able to do in all aspects of our lives. Because it jolts us from our inertia, when it can be all too easy to stay in our comfort zone. Sapere aude is to venture to think that that what you have been doing up until now may need to change, that what you have always taken for granted is no longer the case.  Sapere aude is to think laterally, to see from the outside what you carry inside as though it were new to you, and react to what you see.

Somehow, sapere aude is innovation. And innovation is valuable if it can be converted into something of value.

Sapere aude is the creation of value.

Carme Martinell

Carme Martinell

Director General of Continuing Education Institute Foundation

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