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Mònica Figueras et al.

Social Responsibility at UPFMònica Figueras et al.

Vice-Rector of Social Responsibility and Promotion of UPF

University is, for the majority of society, a synonym of advanced education and research. But beyond these two missions the universities around us believe more and more in, and are [...]

Miguel Ángel Dombriz

Cooperation between companies and universities: an opportunity for new perspectivesMiguel Ángel Dombriz

Civil engineer, Railways of Catalonia

Companies need to be constantly improving and in order to improve it is necessary to be innovative. Merely having efficient production processes is no longer enough to guarantee client fidelity, [...]

Carlos A. Scolari

#UPF2020: Designing the University of the FutureCarlos A. Scolari

Teacher of the Postgraduate programme in Usability, UPF-IDEC

Interview with Carlos A. Scolari Between 2012-13, he coordinated an internal research project at Pompeu Fabra University funded by the Centre for Teaching Quality and Innovation (CQUID): #UPF2020 Designing the [...]

Mercè Roca

Europe at a crossroadsMercè Roca

Director of Master of Science in International Business, UPF Barcelona School of Management Academic coordinator of ESCI-UPF

With the eruption of the financial crisis the European integration project has been called into question. Founding members of the Union have taken up Eurosceptic positions, and adopted protectionist measures [...]

Lena Raps

Reshoring of businesses and the effect on job creation in the European UnionLena Raps

Talent Scholarship-holder, Master of Science in International Business, UPF Barcelona School of Management

As nearly graduates, we all come across this topic at one point or another – the difficult job situation in Europe. The unemployment rate in Spain of 25,6 % in [...]

Oriol Amat

Is the current welfare state sustainable?Oriol Amat

Professor of Economy and Financial Programmes, Barcelona School of Management

The welfare state essentially comprises such provisions as pensions, unemployment benefit and services including healthcare, education, care for dependent people and other social services. There is a broad consensus that [...]

Vicenç Navarro

In Defence of the Welfare StateVicenç Navarro

Professor of Public Policy, IDEC-Pompeu Fabra University

One of the great victories of progressive forces in the Western world has been the establishment of the Welfare State, which includes those public transfers (such as, for example, retirement [...]

Javier Aparicio Maydeu

What place does culture hold in a welfare society?Javier Aparicio Maydeu

Director of Publishing programmes at IDEC-UPF

Many may feel, and not without reason, that it should supplement the creation of citizenship, contribute to our emotional balance, distract us from the stress caused by our work, increase [...]

Carme Martinell

Ethical balance sheetsCarme Martinell

Director General of Continuing Education Institute Foundation

We recently had the honour of hosting a seminar given by Christian Felber in the IDEC-UPF lecture hall on the economy for the common good. Cooperation and contribution to the [...]


Are we laying the Welfare State to rest? Has its end really come? The crisis which has scourged Europe over recent years, and in particular countries such as Spain, has [...]

Antoni Duran-Sindreu Buxadé

Taxes and public SpendingAntoni Duran-Sindreu Buxadé

Director of Tax System Programmes, Barcelona School of Management

Taxes, as the Constitution states, are the technical instrument necessary to cover public spending. The main action undertaken by the Government therefore has to be focused on spending, or even [...]

Joan-Francesc Cànovas

Together or separately?Joan-Francesc Cànovas

Professor of business communication and Communication Direction and Digital Journalism, IDEC-UPF

According to the most recent published data, there are more than 2,400 million Internet users worldwide, 2,200 million email accounts, over 1,000 million Youtube or Facebook users, almost 700 million [...]

Jordi López Mercadé

Is a Collaborative Approach the Key to Withstanding the Economic Crisis?Jordi López Mercadé

Director of Coaching Programmes, Barcelona School of Management

What does collaborating or cooperating together mean? The term “dependence” implies the subordination or subjection of one person or thing to another; in other words, to depend on someone or [...]


Ever since the invention of the Internet we have been living in a state of constant change; in how we communicate, in how we relate to other people, and even [...]

Dani Sánchez-Crespo

Is it worth going to university?Dani Sánchez-Crespo

Director, Master in Creation of Video Games, IDEC-UPF. CEO and co-founder, Novarama

No, seriously… Is it worth going to university? And, while we’re at it, is it worth going to school? The answer is obviously “yes”. Without school, without university, we would [...]

Jaume Casals

The importance of university education and its impactJaume Casals

Rector of the Pompeu Fabra University

The latest report of the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP, December 2012) “Research and Innovation Indicators of Catalan Public Universities” reveals the repercussion of the Catalan university system on [...]

Silvia Becerra

Internet, a complement to my educationSilvia Becerra

Talent Scholarship-holder, Master in Sports Management and Direction 2013, Barcelona School of Management

No one doubts that the internet and the other “virtual” social networks occupy an important space in our daily life. It is easy to see that they are almost indispensable [...]