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Culture, a timely companion

Daniel Serra

The UPF Barcelona School of Management has this year organised for the first time the Laberint festival, a cultural and free festival that has brought together different disciplines (literature, comics, theatre, music, film, journalism, science, etc.) and has brought together artists, academics and experts with the aim of provoking in the school a cultural environment, of knowledge and reflection, that grants us all the pleasure and ability to think, look, narrate, create and feel. The Laberint festival has been conceived as a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences that allows us to complement the comprehensive education of our students, whatever their training area: journalists, lawyers, accountants, executives, marketing directors, film-makers, financiers, creators of video games, editors…

Because the UPF Barcelona School of Management is a different postgraduate training school, with very different profiles. A school, which also has a very different way of doing and understanding training. The value of transversality, multi-disciplinarity, a holistic view and culture is essential for us and gives meaning to the profile of professionals we intend to shape. For this reason, the Laberint festival has been conceived as an important milestone in the school within our teaching model, which gives culture and humanities a prominent role.

It is no coincidence that we have included the Proust questionnaire in the students’ admission process or the academic workshops in creativity and culture throughout the course. Or that all students receive their own exclusive edition of Bartleby, the Scrivener by Herman Melville from the school to accompany them with reflections, talks and debates during the course. Nor is it any coincidence that we impose transversal subjects in our teaching model, where students from different programmes meet in workshops and can open up to each others’ different and enriching views.

Because it is there, in the mix, where the true value of being multi-disciplinary lies. Where we can provide, in addition to academic knowledge, a holistic view, an openness of mind, stepping back to reflect, a critical spirit, an ability to abstract and face complex situations, knowing how to see beyond and obtain value from what is intangible.

Daniel Serra

Daniel Serra

Dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management


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