13 Education and Culture


Education and Culture, a successful binomial

Recently, Oriol Amat, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at Pompeu Fabra University and professor at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, explained at the Frequently Asked Questions event that he knew of many successful entrepreneurs – understanding success as not having more money but achieving their objectives – and that what they had in common, was that they were all great readers and very educated. Is there a relationship between success and culture? Probably. There is no doubt that culture and art influence the development of societies and also that of people. Whatever your profession, your academic background, your personal or professional experience.

Because art and culture are elements of transformation that favour abstraction, disruption, emotion and critical thinking. And being disruptive, questioning what is established has preceded the great changes in the history of humanity: economic models, political systems, cultural organisations and social institutions. Disruption understood as a possibility to offer alternatives, to build new models, to plant new and better solutions.

The UPF Barcelona School of Management is committed to culture and education, as a successful binomial. And not in the strict sense of training, but in the broadest sense of growth and personal enrichment.

In this edition of the Quorum, some of our professors and experts from the UPF Barcelona School of Management reflect on the weight and value of the arts, culture and humanities in people, professionals and society in general.

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