10 Transformation



We live in a world of constant, rapid changes, where new professions emerge or the old ones are reinvented. Companies, and society, require new competences from professionals: a greater ability to create new solutions to complex problems, work with data, think holistically, analytically and critically, etc. Today, professionalization not only responds to an interest to specialize in something or reuse acquired knowledge; there’s a desire to learn in order to respond to the new requirements of a changing reality.

Today, lifelong learning is no longer a one-off need; it has become an attitude, especially for new, digital generations, who are more able to adapt to the rapid changes and learn new things every day.

However, teaching knowledge is relatively easy. The harder part is attitude. This is why at UPF Barcelona School of Management, we don’t see training and education as the transfer of knowledge, but rather the stimulation of all participants to explore and extract the best of their interior talent.

In this new edition of Quorum, our academic experts talk to us about this attitude to knowledge, and how higher education is becoming a key experience in itself for transforming people and enabling them to face new challenges and come up with transformational solutions for society.

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